Under Your Skin

Here is the official video of Under Your Skin.

I hope you enjoy my new single from my EP Breeze The EP was done with very few effects and real musicians who very kindly took the time to learn my songs . I wanted a real live sound and Jay, my producer, did exactly what I asked and did an incredible job.

The song is about how you feel when you hit the angry stage after a break up, which I watched someone who is very close to me experience last year and since then have experienced myself.

The song was written with Laurence Hobbs, one of the very few people I trust in this industry.

Thank you so much for your incredible support.

Much Love Breeze xx




Breeze Redwine – Girl

Jake Curtis – Boy 1

Lezley Sibanda Mabaleka – Boy 2

Filmed and Directed by: Steven Ashcroft

Video sponsored by: The Globe Star .com


Breeze Redwine – lead vocal

Jason Wick – lead guitar / backing vocals and production

Craig Stevenson -piano / keys

Ben Beach – bass

Olly Simmonds – drums


Under Your Skin Single:
Breeze EP: